About Me - Mark Tilley

Mark Tilley.

Born in 1985 in the UK, I have had an affinity for the water from a very young age. Family holidays to the Mediterranean  and later on the Caribbean really inspired my love for the Marine world.

Studying Marine Biology at Swansea University in Wales UK,  opened my eyes to the complex ecosystems the ocean contains and I have taken that passion and knowledge on my travels around the globe.

Freediving has become my obsession in all aspects whether its for photography, marine life interactions or also as a competitive freediver.

I live the freediving lifestyle in the Cayman Islands as it a fantastic location for all aspects of my dive repertoire. Being underwater holding my breath is where I feel the most at home, be it over 200' underwater or playing with the stingrays in the shallows - I love it !

I have slowly been upgrading my equipment and improving my skills and I am aiming to keep producing creative and unique images whilst freediving where ever I visit.

My work has been featured in 6 National newspapers in the UK, msn.com and huge viewings on social media. I have also had work displayed in exhibitions in the Cayman Islands National Gallery as a competition winner.

Please contact me for shoots or collaborations....


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